250+ Excel Keyboards Shortcuts List for you

Jan 11, 2020 • edited Jan 12, 2020

250+ Excel Keyboards Shortcuts List for you

Microsoft Excel is one of the best Mathematical applications. Using keyboard shortcuts will help you to use Excel more effectively. Here we shared the huge list of 250+ Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for you.

We really liked that windows gives us multiple ways to perform the task in Excel, let’s say we want to save a file, either we can press the key “Ctrl+S” or “Shift+F11”.

Below are the amazing Shortcuts for Excel category wise, in which you will find the Excel formula shortcuts, Excel copy paste shortcuts, Excel keyboard shortcuts to insert row, Excel keyboard shortcuts to select row, Keyboard shortcuts for VBA and Excel hot keys (add more alt shortcuts to Excel).

Dialog Box Excel Shortcuts

Dialog Box Excel ShortcutsDescription
Alt+F8Macro Dialog box
Alt+‘To open format style box
Ctrl+1Format cells dialog box
Shift+Ctrl+F,FOpen the font tab in the format cells dialog box
Ctrl+AltDisplays the paste special dialog box
Ctrl+TDisplays the create table dialog box
Shift+Ctrl+FOpen the format cells dialog box
EscCancel and close the dialog box

Entering Data Excel Shortcuts:

Entering Data Excel ShortcutsDescription
Ctrl+‘Fill the above formula in down
Ctrl+Shift+:Insert the current time
Ctrl+:Insert current time
Ctrl+;Insert Current Date
Ctrl+RFill the Right
Ctrl+YRedo the last action
Ctrl+DelDeletes the end of the word

File Command Excel Shortcuts:

File Command Excel ShortcutsDescription
Shift+F11To Insert a new worksheet
Shift+F12To save the file
Ctrl+F12To open a file
Ctrl+Shift+F12To give the Print
Alt+Shift+F2To save the File
Ctrl+PTo print the file
Ctrl+STo save the file
Ctrl+WTo close the file
F12To save as the file
Ctrl+F2To print the file
PGUPTo page up
PGDNTo page down
Go to up
Go to down
Go to left
Go to right
EnterGo to a new line

Format Excel Shortcuts:

Format Excel ShortcutsDescription
Ctrl+XTo cut the value
Ctrl+Shift+~To convert into general format
Ctrl+Shift+#To convert into date format
Ctrl+Shift+$To convert into currency format
Ctrl+Shift+%To convert into percent format
Ctrl+Shift+^To convert into exponential format
Ctrl+Shift+FTo open font tab in thr format cells dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+PTo open font tab in thr format cells dialog box
Ctrl++To insert the row
Ctrl+–To delete the row
Ctrl+2To make the font bold
Ctrl+3To make the font itlaic
Ctrl+4To underline the font
Ctrl+6To show and hide objects the view
Alt+EnterTo start a new line in the same cell
Ctrl+BTo make the font bold
Ctrl+UTo underline the font
Ctrl+VTo paste the font
Ctrl+ITo make the font italic
Ctrl+F2To edit the cell comment
Ctrl+Shift+!To comma format
Ctrl+Shift+1To format number in comma format
Ctrl+Shift+4To format number in currency format
Ctrl+Shift+3To format number in date format
Ctrl+Shift+5To format number in percent format
Ctrl+Shift+6To format number in scientific format
Ctrl+Shift+2To format number in time format

Formula Excel Shortcuts:

Formula Excel ShortcutsDescription
Shift+F3To Paste the function into the formulae
Ctrl+Alt+F9To calculate the worksheet in all open workbook
Alt+Shift+ShiftTo recheck dependent formulae
Ctrl+Shift+F3To create the names in the rows and columns
Ctrl+Shift+ATo insert the argument into the formulae
Ctrl+Shift+F2To goto the last position
Ctrl+Shift+F8To step out
Ctrl+Shift+F9To clear all breakpoints
Ctrl+Shift+EnterTo enter the formula as the Array formulae
Ctrl+Shift+UToggle/Collapse formulae bar
Alt+=To do sum function
Ctrl+`To display the formulae
Shift+F3To paste the function into the formulae
F3To repeat the last section
F9To paste the name into the formulae
F4To evaluate the past of the formulae
Ctrl+‘To copy the formulae from the above cell

General Excel Shortcuts:

General Excel ShortcutsDescription
Alt+↓To display auto complete list
Ctrl+8To toggle outline symbols
Ctrl+KTo add the hyperlink
Ctrl+ZTo undo the last section
Shift+F4To find next
Shift+F5To find the value
Alt+F1To insert chart
Shift+F7To view the object
Shift+F8To add section
Shift+F9Quick Watch
Ctrl+F4To close the window
Ctrl+F10To show right click menu
Alt+F4To close the VBA
Alt+F6To switch between last 2 windows
Alt+F11To close the VBE
Alt+SpacebarGoto system menu
Alt+BackspaceTo undo the last section
Ctrl+ETo export module
Ctrl+GTo display Go to dialog box
Ctrl+HTo replace the value
Ctrl+JTo list properties
Ctrl+LTo show call stacks
Ctrl+TabGoto cycle windows
Ctrl+F1To show/hide the ribbons
Ctrl+Shift+ITo edit perimeter info
Ctrl+Shift+JTo edit list constants
Ctrl+Shift+LTo add/remove the filter
Ctrl+Shift+JTo edit list constants
Ctrl+Shift+→To group rows or columns
Ctrl+Shift+←To ungroup rows or columns
AltTo Activate Menu bar
F11To create a chart
ShiftHold down shift to display more options
F1To open Excel Help
F5To open “Go To” dialog box
F7To open spell checker box
F10To Activate Menu bar
Navigation Excel ShortcutsDescription
Ctrl+F7To move window
Ctrl+5To apply/remove strike through format
Shift+F6To move previous pane
Shift+←Extend selection left side
Shift+→Extend selection right side
Shift+↑Extend selection up side
Shift+↓Extend selection down side
Alt+TabMove to cycle applications
Ctrl+HomeTop of the module
Ctrl+EndEnd of the module
Ctrl+PGUPGo to the top procedure in another sheet
Ctrl+PGDNGo to the down procedure in another sheet
Ctrl+↓Go to down till the blank cell
Ctrl+↑Go to up till the blank cell
Ctrl+←Move one word to left
Ctrl+→Move one word to right
Shift+EnterEnter to move up

Window Excel Shortcuts:

Window Excel ShortcutsDescription
To start the menu
⊞+RRun dialog box
⊞+MTo minimize all
⊞+F1To help
⊞+ETo open window explorer
⊞+FTo find files and folder
⊞+DTo minimize all windows and desktop
⊞+DelCycle through taskbar buttons
⊞+LTo logoff windows
⊞+PTo start print manager
⊞+CTo open control panel
⊞+VTo start clipboard
⊞+RTo open Keyboard properties dialog box
⊞+ITo open mouse propeeties dialog box
⊞+ATo start accessbility options
Ctrl+F+FTo find computer
Ctrl+F+TabTo quick launch toolbar
Shift+⊞+MUndo minimize all

Workbook Excel Shortcuts:

Workbook Excel ShortcutsDescription
Ctrl+F5Restore Window Size
Ctrl+F6Next workbook window
Ctrl+F9To minimize workbook
Ctrl+F11To open VBE
Ctrl+OTo open workbook
Ctrl+NTo create new workbook
Ctrl+Shift+F6Previous Workbook Window
Ctrl+Shift+F1To open new worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+TabTo activate Previous Workbook

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