1. Sum, Count, Average





=Average( Value1, Value2)

  1. If statements

=IF(A1>A2, “GOOD”, “BAD”)

  1. Sumif, Countif, Averageif

=SUM(A1:A15, “GOOD”, B1:B13)

=Countif(Range, Criteria, Function range)

=averageif( Range, Criteria, Function range )

  1. VLookup

=VLOOKUP(lookup value, the table being searched, index number, sorting identifier)

  1. Concatenate


  1. Max and Min


Min =MIN(A1:A10)

  1. And

=AND(A1=“GOOD”, B2>10)

  1. Proper


  1. Conditional Formatting

No Formula for this but you can select: Home –> Styles –> Conditional formatting, you can select many options that will give outputs if certain things are true. You can do a lot of this with the formulas mentioned before, but why not let Excel do the hard work.

  1. Index + match

=INDEX(list of values, MATCH(what you want to lookup, lookup column, sorting identifier))