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A declarative API for composing spreadsheets from python that is built on xlsxwriter, pandas and inspired web design.

Why use xlcompose?

xlcompose provides a sweet spot between pandas to_excel and the xlsxwriter API. If you’ve ever needed to export multiple dataframes to a spreadsheet or apply custom formatting, then you know pandas isn’t up to the task.

On the other hand, xlsxwriter provides a tremendous amount of customization, but it’s imperative style can often lead to very verbose code.

With xlcompose, we take a compositional approach to spreadsheet design.


Data components to render the your data in Excel

DataFrame and Series components wrap the objects of the same name from the beloved pandas library. A convenience class called Title that behaves much like a Series with title-style formatting. Finally, Image components which can take in image files or work directly with matplotlib objects. This includes wrapping pandas plots:

import xlcompose as xlc

Container components to manage layout of your Excel file

With Row, Column, Tabs, and Sheet containers, we can layout our data in an Excel spreadsheet. Containers can be nested within other containers allowing for highly customized layout within Excel. These layouts can be reviewed in a Jupyter notebook prior to rendering in Excel. alt

Build your own custom template library as YAML files

Borrowing inspiration from HTML templates of static web design, why not create detailed Excel files from YAML templates? Like web frameworks, xlcompose templates are fully compatible with the jinja2 templating language allowing for context-aware rendering of Excel files with its load_yaml function. Simply pass a template and data to load_yaml to create xlcompose objects. alt

Formats, formats, everywhere!

Ultimately, xlcompose is just a wrapper around xlsxwriter which has near 100% coverage of Excel formatting. Whether you want to change the color of a cell, set page breaks, add headers and footers, xlsxwriter has got you covered. We strive to provide full access to xlsxwriter functionality, with just a more convenient API. If you see something missing, let me know!


Please visit the Documentation page for examples, how-tos, and source code documentation.


To install using pip: pip install xlcompose

To install using conda: conda install -c conda-forge xlcompose

Alternatively, install directly from github: pip install git+

Note: This package requires Python 3.5 and later, xlsxwriter 1.1.8. and later, pandas 0.23.0 and later.


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