Template Filler

A GUI program that fills in merge fields in a Microsoft Word document using data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


  1. Create an Excel spreadsheet to be linked to the Word document.
    • Open Word
    • Click the Mailings tab
    • “Select Recipients”
    • “Use an Existing List…”
    • Find and open the Excel spreadsheet
  2. Insert merge fields in the Word document.
    • Place the cursor where a merge field should be inserted
    • Click the Mailings tab
    • “Insert Merge Field”
      • The fields that appear are the header labels from the Excel spreadsheet.
    • Capitalize any merge fields, if needed
      • Right click a merge field
      • “Edit Field…”
      • Under “Format”, click “First capital”


  • Automatically omits the s in instances of ‘s if preceded by a name that ends in s.


Written in Python 3.9.

Enter pip install requirements.txt in the console to automatically download dependencies.

  • python-docx
  • pandas
  • openpyxl
  • PyQt5


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