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A new, faster, more efficient, more modular back end for Datamaps, and for newer tools and improved interfaces.

A library that allows for controlled extraction and insertion of data to and from spreadsheets used for collecting data. Part of a more modular overall design, bcompiler-engine focuses on speed, simplicity and data validation. It forms the primary back-end to datamaps, and will eventually have a suitable API making it easy for anyone designing an application to use the datamaps philosophy – more on that coming soon.


  • Brand new code, developed with the benefit of several years and multiple projects of hindsight.
  • Extract data using multiple cores to do it faster.
  • Type checking and rule-setting, allowing for greater confidence in integrity of data.
  • Improved, modular design, powering a brand new interface, available soon.
  • Designed to be packaged for more general distribution.


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