A python script to read a Mettler balance and pass the value to Excel via
An open-source version using Libre Office and Python is in another repository.


The python file and the Excel file need to be in the same directory.
In the Excel worksheet, assign a keystroke or make a button and assign a macro with the following:

Sub Button1_Click()
    RunPython ("import balance_read_mettler; balance_read_mettler.get_mass()")
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
End Sub

As written the Excel macro writes the mass passed to it by python, then moves one cell to the right ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select If you want to move down one cell instead then you would use (1, 0).


  • xlWings addin for Excel (xlwings.xlam). Read the instructions at
  • xlwings Python library (usually pip install xlwings)
    This was tested on a Mettler Toledo XS105 connected via an RS-232 to USB cable on a Windows 7 system using Python 2.7.

Port settings

The port settings are in the .py file. You will likely need to change the port='COM1' to your relevant COM port. This is for a Windows OS. The relevant port settings for MacOS or Linux are commented out in the .py file.

Other good ideas has some good, clever, and better ideas about how to communicate with a Mettler balance.


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