CRIPT Excel Uploader

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This repository contains scripts to upload data from a standard Excel template to the CRIPT database.

DO NOT delete your Excel documents after running the uploader!
All data is currently being uploaded to a test database, thus is at risk of being deleted.


Executables are available for Windows and MacOS.
These can be downloaded and run without installing Python or any other dependency.

  • Windows

  • MacOS

    • Download cript_uploader from the latest release
    • Having issues running the file?
      • Open a terminal and navigate the relevant folder
        cd <path_to_folder>
      • Change the file permissions
        chmod 755 ./cript_uploader
      • Run it

Alternatively, you can do things the hard way:

  1. Download Python(>=3.10)
  2. Download Git
  3. Open a terminal
  4. Install virtualenv
    pip3 install virtualenv
  5. Create a virtual environment
    virtualenv cript-uploader
  6. Activate the virtual environment
    Windows: cript-uploader\Scripts\activate
    Mac or Linux: source cript-uploader\bin\activate
  7. Clone the repository
    git clone [email protected]:C-Accel-CRIPT/cript-excel-uploader.git
  8. Change to the project directory
    cd cript-excel-uploader
  9. Download requirements
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  10. Run the file

Excel Template

Download example_template.xlsx from the latest release

Guidelines For Modifying The Template

  • The sheet names cannot be renamed.
  • Columns marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • Columns marked with a hash (#) will be ignored.
  • Columns must only use approved key names (see Column Keys)
  • All keys are assumed to be using our chosen standard units (see Key Tables)
  • Condition keys can be associated with property keys by using a colon (e.g., density:temp)
  • Data can be associated with a property or condition key by using a colon (e.g., density:data)
  • For the Process Ingredient sheet, each ingredient must include one or more quantity defintion (see the Ingredient Quantity table)

Key Tables


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