A marking script to conver the marking excel/google sheets to txt files in a nice format. Uses openpyxl to interact with the google sheets,

Converts all worksheets in the excel workbook to nice looking format which can later be used to submit the feedback.

How to use

  1. Install python 3. This should also install pip.
  2. Download the code – is the only file that is needed.
  3. In the code directory, run pip install openpyxl
  4. Run python <excel sheet file path>.
  5. This will create a feedback.txt file in the working directory.

Script settings

Configs: You can open the code and change these constants depending on your excel workbook:

Line Constant name What it affects
6 HEADING_COLUMN Change the heading column in the excel sheet. This is the excel column with all question headings. Any cell that is bold in this column will appear as an underlined heading in the feedback.txt file. This also can have a cell with test ‘total’ and that would show the total marks of each student in feedback.txt. Default: A
7 FEEDBACK_COLUMN Change the feedback column. This is the excel column where the markers will write the feedback for a question’s part. All of this column will be copied in the feedback.txt under its specific question heading as specified in HEADING_COLUMN. Default: E
8 MAX_ROWS_TO_CHECK The lower the value, the faster the script. This is the maximum number of rows that the excel sheet will have. Default: 90

Excel sheet format

The sample folder has a sample excel sheet and its output file.

The excel file can have many worksheets, each for a student. Once rubrics are set up in one sheet, it can be duplicated but right-clicking the sheet and selecting move or copy. The name of the sheet will be the name that shows up on the feedback.txt file.

All question headings ( Example: Question 1, or Question 2 (10 marks) ) can be added to the HEADING_COLUMN. Any value in this column which is bold, will be printed to the feedback.txt file as a heading. Any other non-bold text in this column is for marker’s reference only (example: File format should be .pdf).

The next columns could be anything that is needed for marker’s reference. There can, for instance, be columns for sub-heading, max marks, marks achieved etc.

All feedback for a certain question(or a question’s sub-part) is to be written in FEEDBACK_COLUMN. All contents of this column will be copied down as such to the feedback.txt file.

Any more columns can be added for marker’s reference.

The HEADING_COLUMN can have a value ‘total’ (should NOT be bold) and if it does, it will add the total of all the questions to the feedback.txt file (total will be grabbed from the column that comes before the FEEDBACK_COLUMN). So its a goooood idea to have the marks achieved column right before the FEEDBACK_COLUMN. See sample folder for examples.


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