Its a simple tool to manage twitter query in a excel file. using Twitter developer api, tweepy and tkinter this whole script was written. Because its uses twitter developer
api it can only scrape upto 1000 users informations.using tkinter i have made a very simple user interface so that any no tech background people who does not know how to write
a code can also work with this script.


  • Using pyinstaller one can easily build a windows executable file in .exe format
  • Using simple graphical user interface using tkinter
  • Can search anything in any language
  • Extract users first and last name and job title(no all the cases)


  • User interface does not have a quite buttons
  • Scrape only upto 1000 users
  • this tool is little bit slow in time to time
  • Generates only .csv file
  • Dependent on the tweepy


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