Tool to compare two spreadheets

A simple tool written in python to compare two spreadsheets of the formats – .xlsx/ .xls / .csv.It helps us to look for addition/deletion/modification that happened between two similar datasets.It is useful in cases when you want to keep track of changes made in a file over a period of time by comparing it with base file.


  • Python 3.8.2+
  • Python Libraries
    • pandas==1.3.3 ($ pip install pandas)


Clone the git and you get the ball rolling!!!

$ git clone https://github.com/linacpromoth/excel_file_comparator
$ cd excel_file_comparator

Move the base file to compare with and the target file to comapare against to the excel_file_comparator directory and then executes the python file.An output .xlsx file will be generated with the following two sheets

  • output sheet -> contains the target file values with the changes highlighted.
  • summary sheet -> contains the summary of the changes made on the target file.


$ python3 file_comparator.py -b <baseFile.xlsx> -t <targetFile.xlsx>

usage: file_comparator.py [-h] -b BASE_FILE -t TARGET_FILE

Compare target file with base file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b BASE_FILE, --base_file BASE_FILE
                        the base file to be compared with
  -t TARGET_FILE, --target_file TARGET_FILE
                        the target file to compare against

Example output


Output file


Summary output



  • Duplicates are removed by default
  • First common columns between both base and target file is considered as primary identifier column, so its better to ensure that column is unique(case-sensitive).
  • Deleted records wont be captured in the output file generated.


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