A Star System Generator for Excel & Python


(In development)

For now, the Excel portion will be not uploaded here until the alpha phase is complete. This is to prevent issues with version history.

System Requirements

  • You need a Windows PC
  • At least Python 3

Development Notes

  1. You will soon need access to excel to generate the planets randomly.

    • You cannot use excel online or other office suites (like LibreOffice Calc)
    • You need marcos enabled (excel will prompt this on first open)
  2. While only exes are provided on release, you can build the alpha to work on other OSes that python supports

    • We would like to add MacOS support but don’t have Mac machines to test or build. Contribution would be helpful in this matter Email Here or open an pull request with an added folder ‘mac’ with the binaries
  3. There wont be an attachment to the excel worksheet while development is still going on. Version history is harder to pull off using the inbuilt VBA.

    • Nothing Excel related wont be uploaded until the python program starts to pull from such program

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to VBA-tools for their great module to Excel VBA. Without it we woudn’t be able to convert Excel sheets to JSON 👍


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