This program recieves PDF’s of invoices and using Procurement Document AI scans and organises the information into a database for a cost value report.

The invoices are automatically archived by date and project number. Their path is linked to their invoice ID in the excel for ease of access.

A global invoice reconcilliation is also generated for contract managers overview.

A graphical interface for manually entering invoices with information that can not be found is included.


Identified that the system (data entry, filing & error checking) could be automated, and that it would be economically advantageous.

Researched, designed, and developed a solution using Python and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Implemented the system handling 2000 invoices per month reducing costs by 75% and data entry workload by 95%.

Key Features

  • GCP Procurement Doc AI
  • Troubleshooting Data
  • Manual GUI for Missing Data
  • Automatic Global and Project Specific Invoice Reconcilliation Excel
  • Automatic Archiving


The invoice is moved to its project specific organised by date and the information is populated in a linked excel file.

If information can not be found the user may later manually process the document filling in only the items not found.
For each type the previous entry is stored and offered to the user for immediate filling to increase data entry speed.


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