Attempt to get blizzard character data for excel (idea to follow the leveling progress of multiple alts) 🙂

Basic flow:

  • login to blizzard api and get characters of an account (oauthlib)

  • Script gives an url to command line, and after putting it to the browser, you get the return uri which is given back to script

    • return_uri must be in app settings in blizzard site
    • return uri could be e.g. the blizzard-api-proxy deployed to heroku
  • Script goes through each character of account and gets character data via summary api (blizzardapi)

  • get interesting data about character level and calculate progress towards next level

    • max level data from (obtained 30.10.2021)
  • Store character data to a table, which is then written to “test.csv” csv file.

  • NB! If google sheet login fails, remove the token.pickle and token_write.pickle. Then there occurs
    reauthentication and files get recreated.

test.csv output sample

Somefancycharactername,Warlock,Destruction,race1,Somerealm,24,24824,0.8902,89.02,0,26,Pandaria Alchemy, 25
Anotherawesomecharacter,Shaman,Restoration,race2,Realmtoo,60,0,0.0000,0.00,80,246,Zandalari Engineering, 35


  • move to google sheets, char summary should be doable via token authentication, probably would just require listing of chars and realms there… Update btn?
  • lint
  • ~~OR when running script, update/create google sheet from the csv above?
  • prettify
  • “what has changed” since last run info (new column(s)), background color to sheet?
    • e.g. exp gone up by X points.
    • character Z has gone up Y levels -> BUG: sometimes level difference goes negative(???)
  • Is it possible to follow-up currencies, which character has which amount of Champion’s Seals etc.?


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