SimpleGanttChart is a Python GUI tool built to automate creation of beautiful Gantt Chart Slides in PowerPoint using PowerPoint Autoshapes.

Using SimpleGanttChart

Gantt Charts are excellent for project management. A wide range of project management tools is available in the market, but these tools lack the visual appeal in business presentations. Create great slides by following these three simple steps:

  1. Download the data from these tools as an excel file.
  2. Prepare the data with simple and repeatable steps (even automate it using Power Query!)
  3. Choose your shape and font properties.

And that’s it!

Requirements and Installations

SimpleGanttChart is built using Python, hence you need to install python to run the tool. Installing Python is a one-time process. Head over to python website to download and install python. Make sure to check “Add to Path” when installing python.

SimpleGanttChart primarily uses pandas to import and process excel data and automates Gantt Chart preparation in PowerPoint using python-pptx. In additon to pandas and python-pptx, SimpleGanttChart uses openpyxl to read Excel/csv data. Installing these dependencies is also open-time process

To install these dependencies. Open terminal and paste the following lines.

  1. Install pandas
    pip install pandas
  1. Install python-pptx
    pip install python-pptx
  1. Install openpyxl
    pip install openpyxl

Get started with SimpleGanttChart

To run SimpleGanttChart tool first you need to download it from SimpleGanttChart Repository. Follow these steps to download code as .zip file.

  1. Visit SimpleGanttChart Repository and click on Code.
  2. Download the code as .zip file
  3. Extract the .zip file to desired location

Running SimpleGanttChart is as simple double clicking the file in the SimpleGanttChart folder.

Alternatively, you can follow these two steps to run the application

  • Open terminal in the SimpleGanttChart folder (make sure you can see in this folder). On Windows, hold SHIFT key and RIGHT MOUSE CLICK. A window will pop up, click on Open PowerShell window here
  • Run the following command on terminal python


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