Covid-tests report

In this repository can be found all the necessary modules in order to generate a report about the covid-tests which were taken in a specific date range. The data is retrieved from a PostgreSQL database via a cli application.


  • A user can create a report for a specific date range by using the CLI application. The report is exported by default to a csv format file. The user has the option to convert it to microsoft excel as well, and the option to send an email with the report as an attachment.
  • The generated report contains information about the following:
    • date of appointment
    • name of the test location
    • type of the test (pcr/antigen)
    • number of tests (grouped by date, location and type of test)
    • number of not taken tests (grouped by date, location and type of test)


  • The whole application can be run by typing the following commands (a virtual environment is suggested but not mandatory):
    pip install -r requirements
    sudo apt install redis-server
  • The next step is to define the environmental variables. We use those for the database and email settings. The email settings refer to a gmail account.

How to run

  • We can get a report in a csv file based on a date range and save it to a specific path by typing:
    python3 <starting date> <ending date> <path_to_save_file>
    Dates and path are positional arguments and are mandatory. The dates must be in yyyy-mm-dd format and the path must be absolut.

  • In order to convert the csv file or email it we have to use the optional arguments

    • convert to excel
      python3 <starting date> <ending date> <path> -toexcel
    • convert to excel and email file
      python3 <starting date> <ending date> <path> -eexcel <email_address>

How to run tests

The tests of the application have been written by using unittest library and can be run by typing the following command:
python3 -m unittest tests

Weekly automated report

We can schedule a task (by using celery and redis as a message broker) in order to receive an email with the report as an excel attachment at the time we want. We type the next commands in a terminal. The example refers to a report which is generated at every Monday at 04:00(UTC) and extracts the data of the previous week (Monday to Sunday).

Start celery
celery -A celery_tasks worker -B --loglevel=INFO

The task is executed every Monday and if an error occurs in our main application, it sends an email with the error.


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