csvtoexcel is a tool that converts a .csv file to .xlsx (Excel) and vice versa.

By default csvtoexcel creates a file with the same filename, but the file extension changed from “.csv” to “.xlsx”. The -o/--output option can be used choose a different filename for the output.

Similarly exceltocsv converts a .xlsx file to .csv.


> csvtoexcel <file.csv>
<Creates the file file.xlsx>

> csvtoexcel <file.csv> -o <other_file.xlsx>
<Creates the file other_file.xlsx>

> exceltocsv <file.csv>
<Creates the file file.xlsx>

> exceltocsv <file.csv> -o <other_file.xlsx>
<Creates the file other_file.xlsx>


The recommended way to install csvtoexcel is via pipx:

pipx csvtoexcel


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