Excel to JSON Converter

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A minimal API that converts MS Excel (.xls & .xlsx) files, or from a given URL into JSON files.


  • Download as package using pip and use in your code.

  • Supports both type of MS Excel file formats

    • MS Excel 2003 (.xls)
    • MS Excel 2007 (.xlsx)
  • It also comes with command line interface (CLI) which facilitates the conversion from URL or local MS Excel file to JSON files.


    • GET file from URL & convert to JSON.
    excel2json-3 --urls https://example.com/example.xls
    • GET file from disk & convert to JSON.
    excel2json-3 --file /home/ubuntu/Documents/example.xlsx


You can contribute in following ways:

  • Report bugs
  • Add more “APIs”
  • Give suggestions to make it better
  • Fix issues & submit a pull request



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