Convert images to colored cells in an Excel spreadsheet.


Install dependencies

pip3 install Pillow
pip3 install xlwt3


usage: [-h] [--grid GRID GRID] {libre,ms,mac} image

positional arguments:
  {libre,ms,mac}    Choose the office package to use. | libre -> LibreOffice
                    xls | ms -> Microsoft Office xls | mac -> Mac Office xls
  image             Image which should be converted intoa spreadsheet

optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  --grid GRID GRID  Adds a grid to the resulting spreadsheet. Numbers
                    represent the number of pixels between vertical and
                    horizontal grid lines, respectively. 0 (zero) means no
                    grid on this axis.


python3 libre image.png

image.png.libre.xls will be created.

If you want a grid in the resulting spreadsheet,
you can pass the –grid option, as follows:

python3 libre --grid vertical_gap_in_px horizontal_gap_in_px image.png

Both values have to be specified. If you don’t want grid lines on an axis just set this value to 0. Negative values are ignored.


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