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This program converts CSV Or TSV text files to Microsoft Excel format. It uses openpyxl to create Excel files.

As input it takes tab-separated *.txt files (TSV), or any CSV files (Comma-Separated Values) that can be auto-detected by the Python standard library csv module.


$ printf "one\ttwo\tthree\n1\t2\t3\n" | tee my_data_file.txt
one two three
1   2   3

$ text2excel --numbers my_data_file.txt
Saved to file: my_data_file.xlsx


To install or upgrade text2excel from PyPI, I recommend using pipx:

pipx install text2excel
pipx upgrade text2excel

If you don’t have pipx, you could also use pip with your preferred Python version:

python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade-strategy eager --upgrade text2excel


Please see the changelog for more details.


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This project was originally based on a Gist by Konrad Förstner.


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