This script consumes a LaTeX source code file containing multiple tabular environments and generates an Excel workbook where each table is stored in an individual worksheet. In addition to traditional commands like \hline and \multicolumn, many commands from the booktabs package are also supported. I wrote this script during my tenure as a research assistant.

Try it out!


Make sure you have pip installed. Then run pip install latex2excel or pip3 install latex2excel.

Dummies’ Guide for macOS Users

If on macOS, run the following:
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install python3
pip3 install latex2excel
in a terminal window. this sets up Homebrew and installs python3 using Homebrew.


  • latex2excel recent_table.tex will generate an Excel file with the name recent_table.xlsx at same directory as recent_table.tex
  • latex2excel recent_table.tex table_03 will generate an Excel file with the name table_03.xlsx in the current working directory (use pwd to get the current working directory)


  • It does not support nested tables.
  • Does not support nested commands in general because this script uses simple regex to identify tabular environment and various commands.


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