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Create APIs from CSV files within seconds, using fastapi.

This is a Python package to create APIs from CSV files, using a lightweight &
fully customizable wrapper around fastapi. Endpoints
and query parameters are auto-generated based on the column names and data types in the
CSV file. Its data is written to a (temporary) sqlite database, so the API is blazing
fast even for huge files.


pip install fastapi-csv

How to use it

1. From the command line

There’s a simple CSV file in this repo for testing (people.csv). To start
an API for it, run one of:

# from file
fastapi-csv people.csv

# directly from URL

Either command should start a fastapi instance, which has auto-generated endpoints and
query parameters based on the CSV file. Here, the API has an endpoint /people
(same name as the file), which can be queried using the CSV’s column names, e.g. you can

  • /people?first_name=Rachel
  • /people?last_name=Johnson&age=48

Additionally, fastapi-csv creates some convenience query parameters for specific data
types, e.g.

  • /people&age_greaterThan=18 (for int/float)
  • /people&age_lessThanEqual=18 (for int/float)
  • /people&first_name_contains=ach (for string, watch out: this one is case sensitive!)

Check out the API docs for more information and an interactive demo, they should be at

2. From Python

Create a file

from fastapi_csv import FastAPI_CSV

app = FastAPI_CSV("people.csv")

Start from terminal just like a normal fastapi app:

uvicorn my_file:app

Extending the API

The cool thing: FastAPI_CSV is just a wrapper around FastAPI. Therefore, you can do
all the stuff you can do with a normal fastapi instance, e.g. add a new endpoint:

# Add a new endpoint, just like in normal fastapi
def hello(self):
    return {"Hello:", "World"}

In the future, you will also be able to easily modify existing endpoints that were
generated from the CSV file.

Updating the data

If your CSV file changes, you can update the API data with:


Note that this will only update the data, not the API endpoints or query parameters.
To do that, you need to create a new FastAPI_CSV instance or re-start uvicorn.


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