data asistant application

this file as discktop application for maulible work as: 1-web form editing 2-convert excel and work sheet to pdf 3-copy files to the another place every upating

road map:

  • create UGI ok
  • create tables and connections in posrgeqle ok
  • automated fill data ok
  • download reports in formating excel sheets ok
  • convert multi item to pdf ok for create ui and design it pip3 install PyQt5-tools for convert xml to ptyhon pyuic5 interface2.ui > pyrcc5 maps.qrc -o

for activate virusal environment source ../env/Scripts/activate source activate a1leader_pyqt python

conda init conda activate a1leader_pyqt

if not activate conda restart your texteditor as adminstrator #_____for backup enviroment ( or run as adminstrator)

you can start alone by install pip install PyInstaller then pyinstaller -w or if there problems pyinstaller

for translation translate what do you want in xls then thype this command lrelease eng-ar.ts eng-ar.qm

but you must be add the formating excel sheet here E:\programing\python\a1leader\y_data_assistant\dist\y_data_assistant\apps\analysis\formats

youssri [email protected] 00201009578537

application building start in 21 may 2019 deep learning modue applying in 3/3/2021

its free and updated as we can for don’t change the name of folder


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