This repo is now archived. Please refer to in case you still want to draw an image on a spreadsheet.

Draws an image on Excel


Setting up the environment

Assuming you have python >= 3.9 and pipenv installed:

# Cloning the repo 
git clone
cd image2excel/

# Opening the environment and installing the dependencies
pipenv shell
pipenv install

Running the project

Essentially all you need is to get your image ready and tweak the parameters on the image2excel/config.ini file. No manipulation of the file is necessary.

  1. Get any image you want and put it inside the images/ folder OR copy the url of an image on the internet;

    • IMPORTANT: passing an url will download the image into the images/ folder. If you think that some url looks sketchy, do not use it.
  2. Correctly pass the path or the url to the image string:

    • image=this_is_fine.png or
    • image= (just an example of an url)
  3. Lower the dimensions a little by a factor so that nothing breaks (a big image might break the code or your excel when you try to open the output file):

    • factor=5

      • What’s the best factor for your image? You have to find that out by trying different numbers when you resize it. We still don’t have a nice way of checking that 🙁
  4. row_height and column_width were specifically set to make the cells a square so it looks even more like a pixel, but those hardcoded numbers might not look good on your screen since different computers have different viewports. You can tweak them if necessary.

  5. cell_value assumes True or False. By default it is False, which means: do not display any text on the cells.

  6. zoom_scale is the spreadsheet’s zoom scale. By default it is 20 – the max zoom out possible – but you can also tweak this parameter if necessary. Keep in mind that it has to be an integer.

  7. From source, run the code (keep in mind that you need to be inside the pipenv shell):

python3 image2excel/

The output will be inside the spreadsheets/ folder and it’ll be a .xlsx file with the same name of your image.

Have fun!

Inspired by Matt Parker’s Stand-up comedy routine about Spreadsheets.


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