Examples of automation of excel via python, and related useful things

Contents and compatibility

script platform(s) it works on what it does linux uses GTK to check a pixel on the screen. if it’s a specified color, the script does a left mouse click windows uses win32com to append one xlsx to another, then saves to csv both uses opencv to find the location of an image within another image. useful for gui automation both uses openpyxl to generate a spreadsheet windows uses win32com and excel com to run a VBA function inside of time.xlsm both outputs the current date and time
time.xlsm windows contains a button which executes a VBA function which runs 3 times sequentially without clobbering
worksheet1.xlsx both a spreadsheet with functions in the “total” row
worksheet2.xlsx both a spreadsheet with functions in the “total” row both uses xlrd to enumerate the contents of worksheet1.xlsx
Python Library Name Linux support Windows support
GTK strong possible to install, but not easily
cv2 (opencv) strong wonky install, but works
pymouse strong doesn’t seem to work, though it looks like it should
win32com none strong
numpy strong strong

Install Prerequisites (Ubuntu Linux)

sudo apt install python pip python-opencv python-xlrd python-gtk2-dev

Install Prerequisites (Windows 10)

Install Python for Windows

Add the location of python.exe to your PATH environment variable

Download and run it in command prompt:


Add the location of pip.exe to your PATH environment variable

Run this in a command prompt

pip install pypiwin32
pip install xlrd
pip install openpyxl

Download the latest OpenCV whl (wheel) file from here then install it like this:

pip install opencv_python-3.2.0-cp36-cp36m-win32.whl

Might need Visual C++ 2015 redistributable (vc_redist.x86.exe) for OpenCV

If you need GTK, follow this guide


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