Full Stack Excel

Full Stack Excel (FSE) provides a scalable, enterprise-ready web development solution to anyone looking to build a website using Microsoft Excel.

FSE currently supports:

  • The Flask blueprint pattern: Define blueprints using a special #blueprints sheet that treats external Excel files as Flask blueprints. You can now use as many Excel files as you’d like!
  • Jinja2 templating: template “files” are just worksheets defined in a special #templates sheet.
  • Massive scalability: Excel sheets support up to 1,048,576 rows of data, which means this is the maximum number of endpoints + rules you can define in the #routes worksheet of any base app file or blueprint file. That’ a lot of routes!

FSE requires Python 3.6+. Although FSE is built in Python, your website won’t need to be. Everything you do to define your website’s behavior can be done in Excel alone.


Run Demo

git clone https://github.com/ryxcommar/fullstackexcel.git
cd fullstackexcel
pip install -e .
fse create-demo
fse run-excel --env development demo_website.xlsx

Powered by Flask.

Note: this library is currently in alpha. The API is subject to breakage until this message is removed.


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