Excelsior is a tool to convert Excel spreadsheets into TSV, CSV, Json or Yaml.
Reads all sheets of the spreasheets.

Uses xlrd for reading the Excel
files, and thus supports the new Open Office XML file

Supported output formats are tab separated values
, comma separated
values (.csv)
Yaml and JSON.

For TSV and CSV output, uses the Python csv module from the standard library.


$ pip install excelsior


By default outputs into standard output, and separate sheets are separated by
a form feed and new
line characters (\x0c\n), followed by a header line of the form # Sheet
name #\n

When writing onto files with the -w option, no such characters or headers
are written.

Output TSV:

$ excelsior -f tsv excel.xlsx

Convert into TSV and write to files:

$ excelsior -w -f tsv excel.xlsx another-excel.xls

This will save the output into <filename>.tsv, if the spreasheet has only
one sheet, or <filename>-<sheet>.tsv if it has multiple sheets.

You can also pipe in the filenames (separated by newlines):

$ echo "ds140-bauxi.xlsx\nds140-alumi.xlsx" | excelsior -w -f tsv
ds140-bauxi-Bauxite.tsv: written
ds140-bauxi-Alumina.tsv: written
ds140-alumi.tsv: written

Show help:

$ excelsior -h


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