Primetals – Excel Filter/Process/Merge Script

This Script will take the Master Instrument Index File, and filter the data based on the user input: P&ID and Typicals.
For each given Typical the data will be processed and saved controlled by the corresponding Typical Filter Logic.
Output will then be stored on the desktop as new Excel File with two Sheets for each filtered typical (Control- & Full Sheet).

The rows in the Full-Sheets can then replace the rows in the ProcessLibraryConfigTool.xls File.

Filter Logic finished for following Typicals:

  • Faceplates
  • PT_AInGas
  • PT_ElectricalRef
  • PT_Intlk
  • PT_CfgModeChg
  • PT_CondSel
  • PT_ForkEH
  • PT_Perm
  • PT_Valve_Diag
  • P_AIChan
  • P_AIn
  • P_DIn
  • P_E300Ovld
  • P_Motor
  • P_PF52x
  • P_PF755
  • P_PIDE
  • P_ResInh
  • P_RunTime
  • P_ValveC
  • P_ValveSO
  • P_ValveStats
  • P_VSD

File & Directory Info
  • index.exe
    • Executable Application File to run the script
  • PyToolConfig.xlsx
    • Configuration Interface – holds important indexing and filtering parameters
    • Edit with caution. Must be JSON Formatted
    • Main Program Cycle

  • ./assets/utils/..
    • Holds Program Cycle Logic and Functions which control the Main Cycle

  • ./assets/filtering/..
    • Holds Typical Filter-, Merge-, and Helper-Functions

Usage Info

  • Get ‘ProcessLibraryOnlineConfigTool.xls’ File (with desired typicals sheet-data) from Remote Machine

  • Start script or the ./
    • Select PyToolConfig File in dialog to load config parameters
    • Select Master-Excel in dialog and load entire Instrument Index Data
    • Enter target P&ID – Single P&ID or all(*)
    • Enter target Typicals. Possible to enter multiple:
      by seperating them with a semicolon (typical;typical;typical)
      or selecting all(*)
    • Continue to Merging Process
    • Select ProcessLibraryOnlineConfigTool-File in dialog and load contents
    • For each entered typical, the filtered data with entered P&ID from the Master-Excel will be merged into the ProcessLib. Data contents will be updated and stored into a list
    • This final updated list contains exactly the same row counts as ProcessLib. had before
    • For each entered typical 2 sheets are created in a new excel file that in the end will be saved on your desktop.

  • Now overwrite the seperate sheets from the ProcessLib file with the corresponding processed-output-file sheets

  • Move file back to remote machine and load into programm


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