This program allows you to generate a spreadsheet from updated crypto-currencies information with live data.
The exported spreadsheet is generated from a given template.
This allows you to configure your template to calculate compound data automatically, to show data in a custom graph, etc.


The program is based on CoinMarketCap API.


  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone
  2. Enter the program directory:

    cd cryptocurrencies2excel
  3. Install the program requirements:

    sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


Configuration is only applied to Wallets sheet data.
In order to configure the tool, you have to edit the wallets.json file by including data about your wallets.
Data are expressed in JSON format and you have to specify, for each wallet, the symbol (case-sensive; as generated on the Data sheet) and the amount of coins you own.

It’s also possible to configure the set the conversion fiat currency by changing the CURRENCY variable on the main file (default value is USD; for a list of supported values, see CoinMarketCap’s APIs documentation page).
In such case, please remember to change the template.xlsx file fields format accordingly.

For additional (minor) settings, inspect the file.


In order to use the program, enter the program directory and run the following command.


A new ouput.xlsx file will be created on the working directory, including updated data.

External contributions

You are welcome to contribute this program (mainly, on the template.xlsx file) in order to improve the output file format to be generated.


You can find me on Twitter as @auino.


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