Python excel2rdf

Generate RDF from Excel spreadsheets.


pip3 install excel2rdf


$ excel2rdf --help

  -f TEXT  RDF format
  --help   Show this message and exit.
excel2rdf input.xlsx output.ttl

Excel Formatting

The first sheet in the Excel document (Sheet1) can be named anything. It is used as the data table.


The first column of the header must be named uri. The value of the cells in the column uri will be the fully qualified URI of a resource for the given row. If left blank, excel2rdf will generate a random URI.

The other columns of the header denote the predicate of the triple statement in curie format. The cell values can be either a curie or any literal value.

Example Data Sheet

The following table demonstrates the usage of the same property skos:prefLabel across many columns with values in different language tags.

uri rdf:type skos:prefLabel skos:prefLabel skos:prefLabel skos:prefLabel skos:Concept metre [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


@prefix skos: <> .

<> a skos:Concept ;
    skos:prefLabel "metre",
        "meter"@en-us .

Prefix Declaration

A sheet named prefixes must exist. This sheet contains the prefix declarations. The first cell in the row must begin with a #. The second cell must be the prefix value and the third cell must be the fully qualified base URI of the prefix.

A single base URI is declared with the first cell containing ## and the second cell containing the base URI.

Example Prefix and Base URI Declaration

# skos
# rdf

Full Excel Spreadsheet Example

See examples/manufacturers.xlsx for a full example.


  • The . character cannot be used in the headings of each column.


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