Generates an Excel sheet of mismatched devices between PRTG and ServiceNow.

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Provides an insight into the integrity and accuracy of devices in ServiceNow compared to the devices seen in PRTG.


  • Python >= 3.9.5
  • configparser ~= 5.0.2
  • pysnow ~= 0.7.17
  • requests ~= 2.25.1
  • pandas ~= 1.2.4


  • Add any additional filtering logic to the API URLs to get specific devices if desired.

  • Add additional device properties to make records include more information about a device.

  • Edit the config.ini file with relevant PRTG / ServiceNow access information and regex.

  • Simply run the script using Python: python


Should be able to run on any machine with a Python interpreter. This script was only tested on a Windows machine running Python 3.9.5.


The code provided in this project is an open source example and should not be treated as an officially supported product. Use at your own risk. If you encounter any problems, please log an issue.


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  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request ツ


  • version 1.0.1 – 2022/02/24
    • Updated copyright year
    • Adjusted comment length in config file
  • version 1.0.0 – 2022/02/23
    • (initial release)


Anthony Farina <[email protected]>


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