RDRHC Calendar Generator

A specialized program to create an iCal file from a Microsoft Excel schedule.

Initial Setup (Development)

  1. Install the virtual environment
pipenv install --dev
  1. Create the required config file – TODO: add demo config file.

Running Program

pipenv run python run.py path_to_config_file


Unit tests for this application can be run via the standard pytest commands:

# Standard testing
pipenv run pytest

# Tests with coverage reporting
pipenv run pytest --cov=modules --cov-report=xml

All reports can be placed in the reports folder, whose contents are excluded from source control.


Linting for this application can be run with the following commands:

# Linting via Pylint (Excluding Tests)
$ pipenv run pylint run.py modules/

# Linting via Pylint (Tests Only)
$ pipenv run pylint tests/ --min-similarity-lines=20

# Linting via Pycodestyle
$ pipenv run pycodestyle run.py modules/ tests/


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