Good Practice Tables (gptables)

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gptables is an opinionated python package for spreadsheet production. It produces .xlsx files from your pandas dataframes or using reticulate in R. You define the mapping from your data to elements of the table. It does the rest.

gptables uses the official guidance on good practice spreadsheets. It advocates a strong adherence to the guidance by restricting the range of operations possible. The default theme gptheme should accommodate most use cases. However, the Theme object allows development of custom themes, where other formatting is required.

gptables is developed and maintained by the Best Practice and Impact division of the Office for National Statistics, UK.

4 Simple Steps

  1. You map your data to the elements of a GPTable.
  2. You can define the format of each element with a custom Theme, or simply use the default – gptheme.
  3. Optionally design a Cover page to provide information that relates to all of the tables in your Workbook.
  4. You write_workbook to win.


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