How To Use Descriptive Statistics In Excel

Oct 25, 2020 • edited Oct 26, 2020

How To Use Descriptive Statistics In Excel

You can use the Analysis Toolpak add-in to generate descriptive statistics. For example, you may have the scores of 14 participants for a test.

Descriptive Statistics Example

To generate descriptive statistics for these scores, execute the following steps.

1. On the Data tab, in the Analysis group, click Data Analysis.

Click Data Analysis

Note: can't find the Data Analysis button? Click here to load the Analysis ToolPak add-in.

2. Select Descriptive Statistics and click OK.

Select Descriptive Statistics

3. Select the range A2:A15 as the Input Range.

4. Select cell C1 as the Output Range.

5. Make sure Summary statistics is checked.


6. Click OK.


Descriptive Statistics in Excel

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