Purpose: Provide a high-speed shared library for developers to calculate the properties of water and steam in extensive process simulations, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), heat cycle calculations, simulations of non-stationary processes, and real-time process optimizations, where the direct IAPWS-IF97 implementation may be unsuitable because of their computing time consumption.

Through the high-speed library, the results of the IAPWS-IF97 are accurately produced at above 3 times computational speed.

    Algorithm of the High-speed IAPWS-IF97 Library: 

    王培红,贾俊颖,程懋华. 水和水蒸汽热力性质IAPWS-IF97公式的通用计算模型[J]. 动力工程. 2001 21(6):1564-1567(EI)

This library is written in ANSI C for faster, smaller binaries and better compatibility for accessing the DLL/SO from different C++ compilers.

For Windows and Linux users, convenient binary packages are provided.

     IF97 shared library: Windows(64):libseuif97.dll, Linux(64)

The package includes bindings for Python, Microsoft Excel.

    Microsoft Excel Macro: DEMO_SEUIF97.xlsm,SEUIF97.xlam

Author: Cheng Maohua, Southeast University, Nanjing,China ([email protected])


  • Python API:


  1. copy libseuif97.dll to a default path of Windows dll

  2. copy to a default path of Python lib



  1. copy to a default path of Linux shared lib

    $ sudo cp /usr/lib/
  2. copy to a default path of Python lib

    $ sudo cp /usr/lib/python3.5/

Quick start

import seuif97




PyThermoCycle a simple simulator of ideal rankine cycle with libseuif97 to show the object-oriented programming

T-s Diagram:


T-s Diagram

Microsoft Excel Macro

  • Excel Add-in Macro: /windows64/SEUIF97.xlam

  • Excel VBA: /windows64/DEMO_SEUIF97.xlsm

  • Guide: /doc/SEUIF97_Add-in.doc(Chinese)

SEUIF97 shared library

Function for Properties

   seupt( pressure,    temperature, propertyID)
   seuph( pressure,    enthalpy,    propertyID)
   seups( pressure,    entropy,     propertyID)
   seuhs( enthalpy,    entropy,     propertyID)
   seupx( pressure,    quality,     propertyID)
   seutx( temperature, quality,     propertyID)
  • propertyID – int,0-29,(see Properties in libseuif97)

C Example for Windows

  Windows64 DLL:libseuif97.dll:
  GCC: MingW-GCC 64
  • demo.c

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#include "seuif97.h"

int main(void) {

    double p=16.13;
    double t=535;
    double h;

    printf("(p,t) (%f,%f) h= %f",p,t,h);
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;
  • makefile

all: demo.exe

	del demo.exe *.o

demo.exe: demo.o libseuif97.dll
	gcc -o demo demo.o  -L./ -lseuif97
	del *.o

demo.o: demo.c seuif97.h
	gcc -c demo.c 

Function for process

  • 1 Isentropic Enthalpy Drop: ishd( pi,ti,pe)

     pi - double,inlet P; ti - double,inlet T
     pe - double,outlet P
  • 2 Isentropic Efficiency: ief( pi,ti,pe,te)

       pi  -double,inlet P; ti  - double,inlet T
       pe  -double,outlet P; te  - double, outlet T

Properties in libseuif97

Properties Unit symbol propertyID
Pressure MPa P 0
Temperature °C t 1
Density kg/m^3 d 2
Specific Volume m^3/kg v 3
Specific enthalpy kJ/kg h 4
Specific entropy kJ/(kg·K) s 5
Specific exergy kJ/kg e 6
Specific internal energy kJ/kg u 7
Specific isobaric heat capacity kJ/(kg·K) cp 8
Specific isochoric heat capacity kJ/(kg·K) cv 9
Speed of sound m/s w 10
Isentropic exponent ks 11
Specific Helmholtz free energy kJ/kg f 12
Specific Gibbs free energy kJ/kg g 13
Compressibility factor z 14
Steam quality x 15
Region r 16
Isobaric volume expansion coefficient 1/K ec 17
Isothermal compressibility 1/MPa kt 18
Partial derivative (dV/dT)p m3/(kg·K) dvdt 19
Partial derivative (dV/dP)T m3/(kg·MPa) dvdp 20
Partial derivative (dP/dT)v MPa/K dpdt 21
Isothermal Joule-Thomson coefficient kJ/(kg·MPa) iJTC 22
Joule-Thomson coefficient K/MPa JTC 23
Dynamic viscosity kg/(m·s) dv 24
Kinematic viscosity m^2/s kv 25
Thermal conductivity W/(m.K) tc 26
Thermal diffusivity um^2/s td 27
Prandtl number pr 28
Surface tension mN/m st 29


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