Import, connect and transform data into Excel.


The concept is to apply data transformations to a main query object.
When the data is ready, export it to an Excel table.
It is inspired by MS Power Query based in Python.
The target is to use the power of Pandas and overcome platform issues with Excel.


The package is not yet available in Pypi. Git clone to a directory of choice and

pip install -e .


See sample.py.

xlwings_query.Query(filename: str, query_name: str)

Specify the target excel filename and the query name.

source_excel_workbook(filename: Path)

Append an Excel workbook to the query.

navigate(self, sheet_name: str, table_name: str = None)

Navigate to the selected item (sheet/table) and append to the query

remove_first_rows(rows: int)

Remove first rows from table

remove_last_rows(rows: int)

Remove last rows from table


Promotes the first row of values as the new column headers.

fillna(method: str, columns: list[str] = None)

The value of the previous or next cell is propagated to the null-value cells

split_text_column(column: str, pat: str = None, columns: list[str] = None)

Split a column around a given delimiter or regex

extract_text_column(column: str, pat: str, columns: list[str])

Extract regex capture groups as columns

replace_value_text_column(column: str, pat: str, repl: str)

Replace each occurence of pattern in the column

drop_columns_idx(idx: list[int])

Remove columns by index


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