This program allows you to merge multiple Microsoft Excel xlsx documents by using a common key identifier.

Let’s suppose you have the following tables, stored on different Microsoft Excel documents.

File f1.xlsx:

PersonID Name Surname Age
1 Mario Rossi 50
2 Carlo Bianchi 40
3 Giovanni Verdi 30

File f2.xlsx:

ID Address
1 Rossi street, 1
2 Bianchi street, 2
3 Verdi street, 3

File f3.xlsx:

UserId Nickname Email Country
1 MRossi [email protected] Italy
2 CBianchi [email protected] Italy
3 GVerdi [email protected] Italy

At this point, it’s possible to unify all information into the same document, by running the following command:

python3 xlsxmerge.py -f f1.xlsx f2.xlsx f3.xlsx -k PersonID ID UserId -n ID -o output.xlsx

The outcome will be represented by the following Microsoft Excel table.

ID Name Surname Age Address Nickname Email Country
1 Mario Rossi 50 Rossi street, 1 MRossi [email protected] Italy
2 Carlo Bianchi 40 Bianchi street, 2 CBianchi [email protected] Italy
3 Giovanni Verdi 30 Verdi street, 3 GVerdi [email protected] Italy

Thanks to this program, it’s possible to unify big data, by keeping

Details on usage

The launch syntax is the following one:

python3 xlsxmerge.py -f <file1.xlsx .. fileN.xlsx> -k <columntitle_file1 .. columntitle_fileN> [-t <tag_file1 .. tag_fileN>] [-o <outputfile.xlsx>]


  • -f specifies the list of files provided in input; each file has to include a single heading line as first line
  • -k specifies the list of header title used to match the records composing the input files (the equivalent of primary or foreing keys of a SQL environment)
  • -t specifies, optionally, the list of tags to adopt to distinguish the source of each header (useful to avoid overwriting or to distinguish the source of the property/column/attribute on the final document); in case
  • -o specifies, optionally (otherwise, merged.xlsx will be considered), the output file name produced


  • Clone the repository:
git clone https://github.com/auino/xlsxmerge.git
  • Enter the program directory:
cd xlsxmerge
  • Install the requirements:
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


You can find me on Twitter as @auino.


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