Excel Advanced Options

Módulo con opciones avanzadas para Excel

How to install this module

Download and install the content in ‘modules’ folder in Rocketbot path

How to use this module

This module needs to be installed Microsoft Excel with active license. If you need work with xlsx files without Excel application, use the Rocketbot commands in the Files secction


  1. Open Without Alerts
    Open a file preventing MS Excel alerts.

  2. Count columns
    Count the columns or return the last column name. It’s necessary that the excel is saved to get the last changes

  3. Count Rows
    Counts all the rows or from a range.

  4. Cell color
    Change color of a cell or range of cells. Can be a default color or custom

  5. Insert Formula
    Insert formula into cell

  6. Insert Macro
    Insert Macro in Excel

  7. Select Cells
    Select cells in Excel

  8. Get Cell With Currency Format
    Get cells with currency format

  9. Get Cell With Date Format
    Get cells with date format

  10. Copy-Paste
    Copy range cell to another sheet

  11. Format Cell
    Format Cell

  12. Create Sheet
    Create sheet in the end

  13. Delete Sheet
    Delete sheet

  14. Copy to another excel
    Copy range to another Excel in the background

  15. Add/Delete Row
    Add or Delete a Row

  16. Add/Delete Column
    Add or Delete a Column

  17. Convert CSV to XLSX
    Convert a csv document to xlsx

  18. Convert XLSX to CSV
    Convert a xlsx document to csv

  19. Convert XLS to XLSX
    Convert a xls document to xlsx

  20. Get active cell
    Get row and column of active cell

  21. Refresh Pivot table
    Refresh a pivot table. Deprecated! Use PivotTableExcel module

  22. Fit cells
    Adjusts, groups and ungroups a range of cells. You can group/ungroup by rows or columns

  23. Get Formula
    Get the formula into cell

  24. Add Auto Filter
    Add auto filter to excel table

  25. Filter
    Add filter to excel table

  26. Rename sheet
    Change name to excel sheet

  27. Cell Style
    This command modifies the formatting of the selected cell or range of cells. You can change the font and borders

  28. Paste in Cells
    Paste data to cells in Excel

  29. Remove Duplicates
    Removes duplicate data in range

  30. Close XLSX
    Close the workbook opened by Rocketbot

  31. Save Excel
    Save a Excel file in the indicated path

  32. Save Excel with password
    Save a Excel file

  33. Export to advanced PDF
    Export to PDF with options

  34. Copy-Move Sheet
    Copy or move a sheet

  35. Insert Form
    Insert Form in Excel

  36. Read Filtered Cells
    Allow read only cells filters

  37. Count Filtered Cells
    Allow count only cells filters

  38. Replace
    Run replace action to excel

  39. Order
    Run replace action to excel

  40. Refresh All
    Refresh all data in Excel

  41. Find
    Return de first found cell

  42. Lock Cells
    Lock or Unlock cells

  43. Add Chart
    Create a new chart in an excel sheet

  44. Remove Password
    Remove password and save the Excel

  45. Insert image
    Insert an image

  46. Export Chart
    Export a chart from index

  47. Not visible mode
    Open not visible excel.

  48. Write array objects
    Write array object on Excel cells.

  49. Copy-Paste Format
    Copy format range cell to another sheet

  50. Find and Connect
    Search a Excel Book opened and connect it

  51. Update links
    Changes a link from one document to another

  52. Unlock sheet
    Unlock sheet

  53. Convert to .txt
    Convert to .txt

  54. Text to columns
    Parses a column of cells that contain text into several columns.

  55. Convert Excel time to hours
    Convert Excel time to hours. Returns the format as hh: mm: ss

  56. Print sheet
    Prints a sheet



  • Count Rows: command fixed to count all rows.


  • Order command: Apply multiple orders and clean filters.


  • Fix count cells filtered


  • Paste command: Update compatibilities


  • Fix get filtered cells command. Now returns extended data


  • Fix language


  • Read Filtered Cells: The command was fixed because it didn’t getting all cell range


  • Texto to column: Parses a column of cells that contain text into several columns.


  • Unlock sheet: Convert XLSX to TXT.


  • Unlock sheet: Unlock a sheet by password.


  • Update links: Changes a link from one document to another


  • Find and Connect: Find opened Excel file and connect it


  • Add command Copy-Paste Format. You can copy format cell to another.


  • Write array objects: Writes information obtained from an array of objects to excel cells


  • Not visible mode: Open background Excel


  • Export chart: Export a chart from index.


  • Insert image in a cell.


  • Open without alerts: Add field ‘Password’


  • Add chart: Create a new chart on excel sheet


  • Lock Cells: Lock or unlock cells


  • Find: Replicate Excel Find command


  • Order: Replicate Excel Order command


  • Read Filtered Cells: Read cell after execute Filter command
  • Replace: Replicate Excel Replace command


  • Insert Form: Rocketbot can insert VBA Form to Excel


  • Csv to xlsx: Checkbox header was added to decide if the csv has a header
  • Export to Advanced PDF: Rocketbot export to PDF command enhancement
  • Copy-Move Sheet: Replicate move/copy sheet command of Excel


  • Remove duplicates: Rocketbot can now remove duplicate data on range Excel


  • Focus Excel: Rocketbot can now set Excel to the foreground window


  • windows
  • mac





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