Multiple Worksheet Constructor and Extractor for DataIku

This package avoids the requirements to install additional plugins in order to create a multi-worksheet Excel file.

Currently, suggestions made on DataIku forum is to create store the information on BytesIO using openpyxl, however, this method will create a corrupted Excel file.

The issue of corrupted file lead to the a creation of the following package.

TESTED ON: Dataiku Version: 8.0.4


  • Python version 3.6 and up
  • openpyxl installed in your env


DataIku currently offers multiple ways of constructing a folder, these are the settings that have been tested and were proven to be successful:

  1. Go to your Flow
  2. Click DATASET and select Folder
  3. Insert name of the folder in Label and select Filesystem as a storage location (preferably filesystem_folder). Partioning: Not partioned

NOTE: Label is the name of the folder, that will be required as an input.

How to use:

Import the package to your Library section either using Git > Import Git.

Open up your notebook and import using:

from dataiku_multi_sheet import xlsx_constructor

Upon receiving ‘Job is completed!’ please check the assigned folder for an Excel file.


:param: file_name: Name of the Excel file to be created.

:param: folder_name: Name of the folder where the Excel file will be exported to.

NOTE: Please make sure that the folder exists. Follow for more information.

:param: sheet_names: List of sheet names to be created in the Excel file. It is a list of strings.

:param: dataframe_list: List of DataFrames to be exported to the Excel file. It is a list of DataFrames.

:return: None


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