Python script that parses an Excel table of UserAgents together with their count number to produce statistics on the data.



Python 3.9.7

Python libraries

Install the following libraries before running the script:

  • pandas
    • Install anaconda or miniconda as described here, then open a terminal and run:
    $ conda install pandas
  • openpyxl
    • In a terminal, run:
    $ pip install openpyxl
  • ua_parser
    • In a terminal, run:
    $ pip install ua_parser
  • matplotlib.pyplot
    • In a terminal, run:

    $ python -m pip install -U pip
    $ python -m pip install -U matplotlib 

Usage example

  1. Create a folder with and your Excel table of UserAgents and relative count number (cnt). We will use Unique_UserAgents_sample.xlsx.
  2. In the script, you can adapt the following lines according to your need, if you want different output file names

outputFileName = 'Unique_UserAgents_parsed.xlsx'
osFile = 'OS_count.xlsx'
browserFile = 'browse_count.xlsx'
deviceFile = 'device_count.xlsx'
plotOsFileName = 'piechart_os.png'
plotBrowserFileName = 'piechart_browser.png'
plotDeviceFileName = 'piechart_device.png'
  1. Open a terminal in the created folder and run:
python3 yourfilename.xlsx
  1. If you use the data of this example, you can sobstiute yourfilename.xlsx with Unique_UserAgents_sample.xlsx (which is this file)

  2. As output, you will have an Excel table of the parsed UserAgent data (here an example). Parsed UserAgent data

  3. Afterwards, some statistics are calculated to verify the shares in the data among the Operative Systems, browsers and device type used.

  • The script outputs three Excel tables, one for each share (OS, browser, device type)

Example of output table

  • it plots the data graphically with pie charts. Example of OS share pie chart

What’s in this repo

The main files in this repo are:

Which OSs, browsers and device types are included in the data analysis?


  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Mac
  • OS X
  • Android
  • Linux


  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Edge

Device types:

  • Computer
  • Mobile (smartphones + tablets)


Author: Luca Iacolettig – iacolettig(dot)luca(at)

Distributed under the GNU GPL v3 license. See LICENSE for more information.


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