Excel-Press is a Python implementation of Microsoft Office’s proprietary VBA compression and decompression algorithm.

Excel files with an ‘.xls’ file extension (Excel 97-2003) are essentially zip files. There are already tools widely available to unzip and decompress the contents of these VBA macros, however; I was unable to find a Python implementation of Microsoft’s VBA compression algorithm.



Decompress an already compressed VBA macro file

python excel-press.py -d ./examples/Module1

Output just the VBA macro portion of the compressed VBA file

python excel-press.py -d ./examples/Module1 --raw

Compress the specified VBA macro

python excel-press.py -c ./examples/macro_readable


The decompress function of excel-press.py is largely adapted from Didier Stevens’ oledump.py script.

Information about Microsoft Office’s proprietary VBA compression and decompress scheme was found in the following MSDN documentation MS-OVBA.pdf.


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