Excel Comparison Tool

####Python tool using OpenPyXL, DiffLib to iteratively compare Excel 2007+ (ie, xlsx) worksheets and write the differences to file.

The program uses OpenPyXL and DiffLib to read in an Excel workbook and compare multiple worksheets from within. The program performs the following:

  • concatenates all columns from each row in the ‘pre’ worksheet and performs a lookup on the ‘post’ worksheet
  • any differences are summarised in the console and ouput to file including the two ‘next closest matches’
  • the program then iteratively compares n-1 columns to determine where the main differences reside.

To use the program make sure your workbook and worksheets satisfy the following checklist:

Checklist Item Workbook or Worksheet Variable Name
workbook name is defined as a string in the ‘ready’ variable Workbook 'ready'
worksheets for comparison are defined in the list variables: ‘sheet_list_old’, ‘sheet_list_new’ – you can do multiple, but ensure they are in sequence Worksheet 'sheet_list_old', 'sheet_list_new'
ensure there are the same number of columns for comparison in the ‘pre’ and ‘post’ worksheets and in the same order. Columns do not need to be sorted. Worksheet na

In the ‘utilities’ folder there are a few older versions including ‘pandas’ based variation. There are also variations to compare different workbooks, which include a MD5 Checksum. The version currently only support identically sized and sorted worksheets/workbooks.

This has been developed/tested on Python 2.7 and Excel 2010 xlsx workbooks.



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