A Python toolkit for evaluating and visualizing the data quality of excel spreadsheets, csv files or other tabular data

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Purpose of the project

DataQualityToolkit is a Python powered library for the evaluation and visualization of the data
quality of data provided in excel spreadsheets, csv files or other tabular data fetched from the web

General Info

Author: Open Risk,

License: Apache 2.0

Documentation: Open Risk Manual,

Training: Open Risk Academy,

Development website:


NB: The 0.2 release is (still) a heavily (pre-)alpha version.

You can use DataQualityToolkit to:

  • Automatically produce validation reports and visualizations given an existing set of validation rules
  • Add to the validation rules
  • There is an assumption that the spreadsheets are formatted in standard columnar format with all worksheets starting at the same header row
  • There are many assumptions about the structure of wikitables (www source case)

File structure

  • datasets/ Contains datasets useful for getting started with the DataQualityToolkit
  • examples/ Contains examples
  • Main objects


Look at the examples directory on how to produce the visuals include in this README file


  • DataQualityToolkit is written in Python and depends on the standard numerical and data processing Python libraries (Numpy, Scipy, Pandas)
  • The Visualization API depends on Matplotlib


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