Reads excel files and make database(dictionary of dictionary) then fills the required fields of destination excel file with help of database.
Reads unorganized data and writes in order.
…and more; it is just a tool and i am sure you can find other uses if you understand how it works

back story in short

I originally started this project to automate a part of my dad’s work

future devolopements

i am planning to include the following features and updates in future:

  • option to read from multiple source files at once
  • redesign UI with tkinter or kivy
  • add option to select destination folder
  • i know you can understand how this program works by yourself but i am planning to include a documentatiom explaining this (until then refer ‘how to use’ section below)

..well that’s all i have i mind now if you have any ideas, do let me know (use a pull request to update this section in read me file)

how to use:

  • if you are a windows user i have provided a exe file you can straight away download and use it
  • if you are a linux user you can build from the code
  • the source is the file containing the data (probably in unorderly way)
  • the destination file is the file in which the data needs to be written (it cant be empty it must have headings and the fields are filled if the row heading and column heading matches)

will upload detailed instructions with examples soon

happy automating boring things 😉

❤️ manish

P.S : feel free to contribute or fork


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