LUSID® Excel Samples

This repository contains a set of example Excel spreadsheets demonstrating the capabilities of the LUSID platform via the LUSID Excel Add-in.

Details on how to download and install the plugin can be found here.

To use the add-in you will need a LUSID login which can be obtained from the website:

Sheet Description
LUSID Excel - Business agility - making simple changes quickly & easily.xlsx Demonstrates portfolio creation, creating trades, applying classifications, viewing holdings, creating custom securities, creating analytics and portfolio aggregation
Setting up your IBOR.xlsx Includes basic exercises performed on an example group of portfolios following the web tutorials here.
Setting up your market data.xlsx Includes basic instrument and market data exercises following the web tutorials here.

What’s missing?

If you can’t find an example for a use case you care about then please get in touch. We’re eager to help expand understanding of LUSID’s capabilities and learn more about users’ requirements.

To submit a suggestion please either raise an Issue on this GitHub repo or send us an email. The more information you can provide, the better.


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