Save MorePro V19 Smartwatch data as Excel sheet via phone logs.

The MorePro app sucks because it only lets you export info as a screenshot. It would be much more useful to be able to save and keep the actual data. With that, you can have fun and process the data however you want.


First, copy log files from your MorePro app on your phone over to the computer. On Android, I found these in: ...\Internal storage\Android\data\com.chenyu.morepro\cache\WoFit\File\. They’re titled: YYYY-MM-DDappLog.txt and only a couple days’ worth of data is kept at a time, so be sure to back up onto the computer regularly.

To create a single Excel sheet with all recovered data, run:

$ python
>> from logxtractor import *
>> run_all("path/to/logs/", "output_filename.xlsx")

example output


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