Pulte Address Scraper


  1. Please create JSON file named DASHLoginInfo.json
  2. Open the file and add the following text. (Please do not delete the quotes wrapped around the username and password values.)
  {"username": "put-your-dash-login-username-here","password": "put-your-login-password-here"}

Python Modules

Please copy and paste the text below into a Terminal of your choosing, I recommend Powershell.

python -m pip install mysqlclient wheel appdirs astroid atomicwrites attrs beautifulsoup4 bs4 certifi chardet colorama fake-useragent html5lib gspread webdriver_manager idna importlib-metadata isort lazy-object-proxy lxml mccabe more-itertools numpy packaging pandas parse pluggy py pyee pylint pyparsing pyppeteer pyodbc pyquery pytest python-dateutil requests requests-html robobrowser selenium setuptools six soupsieve SQLAlchemy tqdm typed-ast w3lib wcwidth webencodings websockets Werkzeug==0.16.1 wrapt xlrd zipp mysqlclient google-api-python-client google-cloud-storage google-cloud-translate grpcio --user


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