parsemail – bulk mail sender

To be read pars-ayy-mail. Made for VITMAS. With love <3


  1. Clone the repo: git clone [email protected]:sreyan-ghosh/parsemail.git
  2. contains the code for a Python class Either uncomment the block or paste in another file. Make necessary changes in the import statements.
  3. Fill in MailDeets class with your details. Click here to get your SMTP password.
  4. Add the dataset to the data directory and make necessary changes in the filepath variable in both the files.
  5. To the file, make changes in the line where the pd.Series object is loaded into the variable maillist
  6. And you’re done! SMTP allows sending of 85 mails at a go. Slice your list to resume sending mails if you get timed-out. The counter value will help there.


  • Contribution is highly appreciated.
  • Go ahead and add better methods of sending mails that is not limited to SMTP or mailing limits.
  • Add a feature to send attachments as well.
  • Add a frontend to enable non-python users to work on this project.
  • Go ahead and open an issue if you want to add something else.
  • Take note to make a branch in your fork and open a PR for the commits on the branch. master branch PRs will not be accepted

Parseteams (in dev) (Only for VIT)

  • To use the file, you must have the WHO bot installed in your teams profile.
  • The driver function is the get_emails() function which accepts a list of registration numbers and returns the emails of the provided numbers.
  • This utility is still buggy, since the script often runs faster than the page loads yielding repeated emails. Still can be used for bolk mail spamming.
  • To be used in conjunction with the file with minor code insertions to feed the list of emails into the mailsender.


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