Automise Whatsapp Message Using Python Salenium And Excel.

This is a simple script for Web WhatsApp Bot developed in python using Selenium.

  • Send messages to number and contacts automatically
  • Send the message in group also


Installation For Debian Based System

Step 1: sudo apt install python3-pip

Step 2: pip3 install selenium

Step 3: Selenium requires a driver to interface with the chosen browser.

For Click for Chrome

Step 4: Extract the downloaded driver onto a folder and run command “sudo chmod +x /path/to/the/driver”

Step 5: Set path variable to the environment. Paste this command to the terminal $ export PATH=$PATH:/home/path/to/the/driver/folder/ Eg: $ export PATH=$PATH:/home/shantanusk/Desktop/WhatsAppBot

Step 6: python3

Step 7: When the browser is opened for first time it will ask to scan a QR code


You can also add Names of the contact you want to send message in the Contacts.txt file. The contact name should match exactly with the name saved in your contacts.


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