Struggling with boring excel job that you have? No more worries! I might have a solution for you!

This little program makes your life just a bit better, when you have to be seen on excel/google calc and the pricks don’t want to pay you.


The program has two modes:

  • 1 – dot – inserting a dot into a random cell in excell, without deleting it’s original content, then waiting from 12 to 180 secodns to move to the next one.
  • 2 – message – I get it, they screwed you over big time. Now you can replace random excell cells with your message of choice! (ex. pay me now dickheads)


I am not responsible for any consequences that using this software may bring upon you. Have fun! 😉

To get it working:



  • install python3 and requirements.
  • run a terminal instance, then type import pyautogui . Position your mouse where the row you’re “editing” is. Type in terminal pyuatogui.position(). Press enter.
  • put result values into conf.json in cell: [x, y].
  • Do the same with name (name of the row/column you’re editing, the program can email you that) and field (the very end of excel input field)
  • into conf.json insert “command” – if you have macos or “control” – if you run linux or windows
  • run the program and enjoy your life! fuck corpo.

All conf.json parameters

  • “cell” – [x, y] – where’s the cell you’re supposed to be editing.
  • “name” – [x, y] – where’s name of that cell.
  • “field” – [x, y] – where’s input field on you calc software.
  • “button” – control/command – depending on os
  • “email” – 1/0 – do you want to receive email with list of edited cells when the program is done?
  • em_host – ex. “smtp.host.com”
  • em_user = [email protected]
  • em_password = i don’t have to explain that one, do i?
  • em_recepient = same, [email protected]
  • em_footer = a message as a h3 after a list of edited cells.

You can leave the em_* values blank if you don’t want the emails. The program does it’s own logging to a file.

logging isn’t yet implemented in second mode (message)


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