A Python GUI studio with a goal to make common data analysis and standardization tasks simple.
Utilizes PySide, pandas, and SQLAlchemy libraries to provide a flexible toolbox for
working with rows and columns in many formats.


  • A light-weight SQL view/query tool using SQLAlchemy:

    • Connect PostgreSQL, SQLite, & MySQL databases
    • Edit, execute, and save SQL queries.
    • Import files to tables
    • Export tables/queries to files
  • A template-maker for common tasks like:

    • Renaming & organizing headers
    • Sorting rows
    • Merging/purging other data sets based on common fields
    • Removing duplicate records
    • Splitting to multiple files
    • Text-to-columns
    • Concatenate columns
  • Easy data-normalizations

    • Drop/fill missing values
    • Merge or split columns
    • Set case (upper/lower/proper)
    • Parse dates into YYYY-MM-DD format
    • Remove special characters/trim extra spaces
  • File analyzer displaying a summary of your data instantly:

    • Minimum/Maximum, Sum, & Median values (of number & date columns)
    • Count of non-NA records (on string columns)
  • Manage project files & folders in-app:

    • Renaming
    • Compression
    • DropBox upload/download
  • A file reader that guesses the encoding and delimiter of most file formats

    • .csv
    • .txt
    • .xlsx
    • .pickle
  • Lightning fast read, process, and write speed.

    • 250MB CSV open time: 7sec (v.s. Excel: 74sec)
  • Issues are managed on Github using ZenHub – see upcoming features and feel free to contribute feedback, suggestions, or code.


  • Home Window


  • Database Main Window

  • Project Window


  • File Window


  • Edit Fields Dialog


  • Merge/Purge Dialog



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